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NEW Curly Cat Cave

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Furbubba is an Australian-owned small business with eco-conscious products that are designed to be best for pet, best for parent and best for planet. 

PREMIUM QUALITY: This Furbubba curly cat cave is a premium product with extra thick felted wool construction, made as a single piece with no stitching or glue. The thickness means that it retains its shape, won’t collapse, and is strong enough to withstand cat claws and their adorable kneading.

👐 HANDMADE: Individually handcrafted by female artisans in remote villages of Nepal.

🛌 COMFORT & FUN: Cats love this luxurious, cosy, warm hideaway. It gives them a super snug sense of security with a peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on the rest of the family! And it has a fun dangly tendril to play with!

🌎ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from sustainably sourced 100% Pure New Zealand wool which is naturally biodegradable and non-flammable. It is coloured using nontoxic, azo-free, hypoallergenic dyes. And our eco-friendly commitment extends to plastic-free packaging too.

🎨 MODERN DESIGN: Bring a pop of colour to any room in your house, with a stunning, stylish, contemporary cat bed, The minimalist design with your choice of four colours will complement any home décor.

👭 SUPPORTING LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Made in partnership with a female-founded business that is committed to fair wages and safe working environments. Plus, the provision of training, skills development and sustainable employment that improves the lives of local household Nepalese women.

CERTIFICATIONS: Fair Trade Certified and Good Weave International Certified (international initiative against child labour).

🧹 EASY CLEAN: Our customers love that this product retains its look over time with simple vacuuming and spot cleaning with a damp cloth.

🎉PLAYTIME BONUS: Frolicking felines! Buy one of our beautiful cat caves and unlock an additional 10% off one of our already-discounted Cat Toys! (Discount will be applied at checkout once you have added the toys to your cart),

🚚  SHIPPING: FREE STANDARD SHIPPING included with all Cat Caves. Dispatch Monday - Friday. Orders received before 1pm are dispatched same day.

Please note:
This is a handmade product, our artisans handcraft every item, so please excuse any slight variations in the size and colours.


Dome Cave:
Height: 32cm ↕
Width: 50cm ↔️
Opening: 20cm ↔

Curly Cave:
Height: 60cm ↕
Width: 50cm ↔️
Opening: 17cm ↔

Please note: as this is a hand-made product, exact sizes may differ.

Care instructions

- Shake to remove dust particles
- Remove cat hair with a vacuum or a lint brush
- Spot clean with a damp cloth or a toothbrush
- If necessary, hand wash in cold water with a wool-safe detergent. Reshape and air dry.
- Do not machine wash
- Do not blow-dry or tumble dry
- Do not rub harshly


- Wool Felt

- Cork Label

Customer Reviews

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Kris Bengtsson
Putting the cave to the ultimate test!

Sooty, our normally timid and gentle cat, was a bit unsure about his new cat dome initially, gently got into it and had a sniff around. But at 11pm, my son was woken up by the sounds of someone popping popcorn in his bedroom! Under the cover of darkness, Sooty had decided to come back and check it out again. He was scratching it, biting it and rolling around inside it like a crazy thing for over 15 mins! He was in love! Miraculously, the dome survived this tough love and I can't even see a sign of the scratching. It's a very stylish piece and I am happy that Sooty is taking to it. Highly recommend it. Check out the video here